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Send the proposals for the Special Sessions to sug_camse@gmail.com with the following details:

Title of the special session:
Names of proposers:
Email addresses:
Description of the special session/workshop:

Selected Special Sessions

1. Modelling, simulation & optimization of engineering systems and devices

Special Session #1               TOP

Title of the special session:
- Modelling, simulation & optimization of engineering systems and devices
Names of proposers:
- Dr. S. Chung, Korea*, Dr. Vivek Jaglan**, Dr. Rajesh Arora#, Er. Akshat Agrawal#
- *Samsung Electronics, Korea, **Graphic Era Hill University, India, #Amity University Haryana, India
Email addresses:
- schung@tcd.ie; jaglanvivek@gmail.com; rajesharora1219@gmail.com; akshatag20@gmail.com
Description of the special session/workshop:
-The objective of this special session is to provide the researchers a platform to present the state-of-the-art innovations, research, design and implement methodological and algorithmic solutions to various material science engineering systems and devices with the help of modelling, simulation, optimization studies, soft computing technologies and their broad financial management aspects in today’s era. Due to latest advancement in material engineering design and technological trends, modelling, simulation and optimization studies and analysis is the need of this hour. It broadly covers areas like genetic algorithm, data management, economic analysis, material science engineering and design aspects, energy conversion systems, financial management, multi-objective optimization, decision making and computational fluid dynamics. Traditional techniques available with the material design are not very flexible, adaptive, scalable, precise and takes so much of the time to yield system response. To manage the system with conventional techniques, it takes very long time to store and retrieve data sets with poor responsiveness, hence, to address these concerns, the proposed area carries high utility and importance in interdisciplinary material science engineering and technology management.
This special issue presents an overview of the state-of-the art in modelling and simulation, and optimization studies to which extent current simulation skills can effectively support the material design processes. The simulation-based strategy, modelling concerns and simulation environments must consider the distinct features of the engineering system design and development. For instance, the modelling languages should allow models to be easily rationalized and prolonged to accommodate the various analyses performed throughout the design process.

Topics of Interest:

  • Economic analysis;

  • Financial management;

  • Big Data Analytics;

  • Energy conversion systems;

  • Multi-objective optimization

  • Material science engineering and design aspects

  • Decision making

  • Computational fluid dynamics

  • Genetic algorithm

  • Data management

  • Machine learning and expert systems

  • Material science engineering and design aspects